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The Corporate Secretary's primary responsibility is to act as a liaison between the Company and the external stakeholders, in particular the regulators, shareholders, and the general public. The Corporate Secretary also is responsible for ensuring that the Company remains compliant with all the relevant regulations in its communications and engagements with external parties. The Corporate Secretary was established in the Company in accordance with the OJK Regulation No. 35/POJK.04/2014 on Corporate Secretary of Issuers or Public Companies. The Corporate Secretary function was established pursuant to the Decree of the BOD No. 004/NFC/SKDIR/ I-III/2018 on 1 March 2018, which appointed Inda Ayu Susanty as the Corporate Secretary.

Corporate Secretary's Profile

Indonesian citizen, 39 years of age. Graduated with a Bachelor in Japanese Literature Degree from North Sumatra University in 2005. Prior to coming to the Company, she previously worked at the Call Center of PT Telkomsel (2005–2008), at the Administration of Hewlett Packard (2008), as Tenant Relation at PT Jaya Real Property (2011–2012), as Marketing Communication at PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara (2013– 2015), and as Marketing at PT Ekosistem Telekomunikasi Indonesia (2016–2017). She was appointed as the Corporate Secretary in 2018

Training & Competence Enhancement
In 2021, the Corporate Secretary participated in training and dissemination of the capital market regulations, such as:
1. Training on e-Proxy Module and e-Voting Module on eASY.KSEI Application along with GMS Confirmation Impressions

2. Dissemination of the Financial Services Authority Circular Letter No.16/SEOJK.04/2021 concerning the Form and Content of the Issuer’s or Company’s Annual Report.
3. Synergy of Policies and Strategies for Accelerating National Economic Recovery.
4. The 7th Indonesia Association International Conference with the theme “Finance, Capital Market, and Governance in Digital Transformation.”
5. Launching of e-Voting and Impressions of the eASY.KSEI GMS in the Context of Organizing the GMS electronically.
6. ESG Capital Market Summit 2021 with the theme “Pursuing Sustainable Finance in Indonesia Capital Market.”
7. IICD CG Conference 2021 webinar with the theme “The 10th ACGS Implementations: Road to ESG in Indonesia.”


Corporate Secretary’s Activities
In 2021, the Corporate Secretary conducted or participated in training, as follows:
1. AGMS on 26 July 2021, at Mangkuluhur City lt 7
2. EGMS on 26 July 2021, at Mangkuluhur City lt 7
3. Annual Public Expose on 26 July 2021, at Mangkuluhur City lt 7
4. Disclosure of information to the public, including on the Company’s official website throughout 2021.
5. Submission of reports to OJK throughout 2021.

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