Through the digital product aggregator platform for both modern retail and mom & pop stores, the Company was able to empower 135,349 retail stores to continue some level of commercial activities while observing large scale social distancing recommendations under New Normal condition. The platform enabled retail businesses to become effective access points for average Indonesians to access staple digital products and fulfill necessities during the lockdown. This is especially helpful during a period when demand for digital staples, such as top-up credits and utility, increased in tandem with stay-home advisories.

In addition, through the Company’s platform, partner store owners were able to remotely receive promotions from brands of products in their stores through their smartphones, thereby significantly reducing the need for human contact. The platform made it more efficient for store owners to receive new promotions and share with the surrounding community, hence helping local stores fulfill a communal function on the grassroots level. Through our subsidiary, PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (DMMX), we also launched initiatives to improve the observation of social distancing. For example, DMMX screens were repurposed for crowd control and temperature taking in some retail F&B outlets and government agencies. Through the use of technology, the group was also able to contribute positively to businesses adaptation to the New Normal.

*Source : PT NFC Indonesia Tbk. Annual Report 2020