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In 2019,  the digital ecosystem developed by the Company currently covers more than 10 products and services that are intersecting with each other, including distribution of digital products and services, integrated brand communication, media and entertainment content, cloud-based advertising service, trade marketing, digital enabler for SMEs, HR solution, Point of Sales (POS) application, restaurants, and ride sharing service. The products and services offered by the Company are spread across many cities in Indonesia and able to serve the society’s needs in various situations. This is a business model that is both adaptive and cooperative at once, aiming to support the transformation of the Indonesian society into a digital society, as this business model is rife with solutions for the issues often encountered during this process of transformation.


MCAS has been setting the groundwork to thrive in this fast-paced digital world. The digital infrastructure at the core of its business has now grown to encompass a cornucopia of offerings. Woven together, these strands of initiatives create a digital ecosystem far more valuable than the sum of its parts. Imprinted within its DNA are solid digital expertise and a long-term vision for sustainable growth. For this is a blueprint for digital ecosystems of the future. Those that will usher in life-changing digital innovations, for a more empowered Indonesia.

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