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DIGIRESTO: Expanding Merchants Network with the presence of various New Merchants.

DIGIRESTO is a F&B business technology platform that helps businesses get access to various solutions for businesses that are needed end-to-end and facilitates merchants to connect to potential customers through the world's No.1 message platform, WhatsApp

In addition, DIGIRESTO is equipped with Complete and Easy to Use features such as Interactive Kiosk & EDC / POS Smart. DIGIRESTO is designed to be able to support all types of F&B businesses.

We also launches DIGIRETAIL using the same platform, WhatsApp where the customers can purchase groceries and other goods from the modern retailers with seamless payment experience. DIGIRETAIL has been partnered with a well-known clients such as LotteMart and Mayora.

Now DIGIRESTO & DIGIRETAIL has increased its merchant network with new partnerships with several established partners, including:

• Hokben

• Old Chang Kee

• Simple restaurant

• Gosh! By Chef Alit

• XXI Cafe

• Omija

• Shigeru

• LotteMart

• Mayora

• And many others.

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