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A Digital Consumer Experience Company

NFC Indonesia provides complete EV infrastructures from electric motorcycle manufacturing to battery swap stations. The Company also offers marketing platforms which include digital product aggregator, digital cloud advertising, digital wholesale as well as digital content & entertainment aimed to help Indonesian brick & mortar 
retailers to improve their customer engagement and competitiveness.

Rethinking Retail Business in a Rapidly
Digitalizing Economy

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Clean Energy

We are developing state-of-the-art Volta electric motorcycles that combine 
environmental friendliness with unparalleled performance and efficiency. Equipped with the advanced IoT technology and extensive battery swap system infrastructure.

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Battery Swap System (SGB) provides fast and easy battery swap services, and also supports user convenience in riding Volta electric motorcycles. The presence of SGB eliminates the worry of running out of battery when riding.

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We are the pioneer in electric motorcycle rental services in Indonesia, offering a convenient and cost-effective environmentally friendly riding experience. With various rental options, SEMOLIS provides a solution to rising 
fuel prices.

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Digital Cloud Advertising

We provides marketing activation platform in a form of a cloud based digital advertising platform that our partners can use to engage with their 
customers. We offer several solutions from infrastructure-as-a-service, managed service, as well as advertising exchange hub services in various strategic locations in Indonesia.


Content & Entertainment

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More than 1,400 Bumilangit's intellectual property (IP) can be used in various products of the Company's business partners

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BNI and Mandiri e-money banks use the Bumilangit character


Launching the big-screen film 'Sri Asih' as an 
Indonesian superhero has generated enthusiasm and a positive response from the public.

Digital Wholesale

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Our Digital Wholesale platform built for supporting the growth of small and 
medium enterprises (SMEs) to make them more effective and digitized. 
Providing efficient warehouse management system features.


Digital Product Aggregator

Provides various digital products for SMEs, modern retail, and e-commerce through a B2B2C platform. Has established collaborations with renowned players such as Alfamart, Tokopedia, Shopee, and Bukalapak, making it easier for millions of customers to purchase a wide range of digital products







Games & Entertainment

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